And the winner is…..

ImageI’m currently taking a class about how to use new media to market for a non-profit which also included applying the skills we learn to an actual non-profit. After weeks of searching for a non-profit in need of my expert opinion (and by expert I mean amateur), I’ve finally been matched up with a local organization searching for some guidance to revamp their marketing strategy. Canterbury House, a campus ministry for the Episcopalian faith and a venue for performances for local artists, is located off campus of the University of Michigan, an ideal setting for student access. However, many students don’t know about the services and shows (not to mention FREE FOOD!) that the Canterbury House has to offer.

In the past, the Canterbury House has welcomed performances from artists such as Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, but has lost its appeal in the past few decades. This is where I come in. While the org already has a social media intern, my job is to join forces with her and figure out a way to increase attendance at these events through the works of social media and other marketing techniques. In short, my goal is to find a voice for the organization that draws in students around campus and raises awareness of the work of Canterbury House. I hope to utilize their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to connect with other groups or organizations on campus who might be interested in attending some of the events or who would like to perform at the Canterbury House.

After spending time with the passionate people involved with the organization this past week, I’ve realized that it is an underrated gem on campus that just needs a little promoting. Once other students see this passion and potential, they’ll definitely become regulars. This may be a challenging task, but I’m ready to put the skills I’ve been developing over the semester to good use for a great cause and see what I can do. Nicolette to the rescue!

2 thoughts on “And the winner is…..

  1. Canterbury House sounds like a great place to be involved in! I wonder if you’ve gotten a further understanding of their mission, as you’ve started working with them further. I’m wondering how being a ministry for the Episcopalian faith connects with being a venue for local artists. It sounds great though, especially the free food! I’d be great to get things going again like concerts with popular artists like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.

    I think it’s really interesting that they already have a social media intern in place. Have they been keeping up with their social media and using it efficiently before you joined? Do they need to use their social media differently to get more participation in their organization or are they using it correctly without good results? Since you said you want to work with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to create a voice for the organization, did they not have one before?

    I thought it was great that the picture you included for them was actually a link to the Twitter page. I clicked on it and it seems like they have been posting frequently, at the very least! It seems like they do use many of the strategies to talk to get in conversation with other people, but maybe not enough about themselves.

  2. Hey Nicolette,

    I really enjoyed reading your post — you have a great voice and your entry was equal amounts funny and informative. Canterbury House seems like such a worthwhile organization — and it’s so close by campus! Also, great idea to include a photo. It really gives readers an idea of the place you’ll be working and adds more interest that way.

    I’m curious what you’ve done since you posted about the organization. Have you been involved with any events? Have you liked working on a team? What complications have you run into? I’m particularly interested in your efforts with the Facebook and Twitter pages. My organization has comparable numbers of likes and followers, so I’m wondering how much engagement you get on your posts? How do you come up with creative ideas? I’ve been posting for a few weeks now, and it’s sort of difficult to continuously come up with ideas for new content, especially because I’m not as involved with the organization as the real staff members and am still learning about everything the organization does. Did you face the same learning curve?

    Finally, do you think you’ve learned valuable skills from our class to incorporate into your experience? It seems that when I come up with ideas from class, I just don’t have time to properly implement them or explain them to my boss. I wonder if other students feel this way too.

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